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diaper and plastic pants under white dresses for easter vigil baptisms

I want to know if there are any other catholic teen girls who had to wear a diaper and plastic pants under their poofy white dress for easter vigil baptism.
I want to know if other catholic teen girls had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their white poofy dress for easter vigil baptism.
Where you baptized between the ages of 13 to 17?
Yes i was
no,i wasnt
I was baptized when i was a baby
Where you baptized at Easter Vigil?
Yes i was
I was baptized at regular sunday mass
where you required to wear an all white outfit?
NO,we could wear what we wanted to
Yes,i had to wear the required white outfit
my parents required me to wear all white
What did you required outfit consist of?
Poofy,white top of the knees dress,bonnet,lace anklets white shoes
poofy white dress,veil,tights and shoes
poofy white dress,head wreath,lace socks and shoes
Baptism gown and bonnet,tights and shoes
Where you required to wear baby type underwear under your outfit?
Yes,i was
It was recommended
My parents made wear baby underwear
What did your baby underwear consist of?
undershirt,cloth diaper,plastic pants
teddy or camisole,disposable diaper
undershirt,disposable diaper,plastic pants
undershirt and plastic pants
Did you wear white tights over your diaper and plastic pants?
No,wore them just under my dress
Yes,had to wear them over
Wore cute white panties over the diaper and plastic pants
If the diaper and plastic pants was required under your white dress,how did you feel about having to wear them?
I didnt like it
they were ok
they made me feel more like a baby for my baptism
Did anyone see the diaper and plastic pants under your poofy dress?
Yes,some of the other girls saw them
the congregation saw them when i bent over to get the water on my head
Just my family and a few cousins saw them
Did your plastic pants fit blousy over your diaper and crinkle when you walked?
No,i had snug fitting plastic pants on
No,i had the tights on over the diaper and plastic pants
Yes,my plastic pants crinkled under my dress
Where your plastic pants pull on or snap on?
they were the pull on kind
they were snap on
Was your diaper pinned on with diaper pins?
yes it was
mom sewed velcro on it to fasten it on
It was taped on me
Did you wear the diaper and plastic pants under your communion dress also?
yes it was required
my parents made me wear them
it is a tradition for them to be worn by the newly baptized girls under their communion dresses
I wore just the plastic pants under my communion dress
how did you feel being around teen boys with the diaper and plastic pants on under your dress?
I felt weird
they all knew the girls were wearing them
the boys gawked at us and teased us
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