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Circumcision risk

You have a boy, you get him circumcised. How much simpler can it be, right?

In the USA and a few other places circumcision is seen as essential for hygiene, and what could be safer, particular when done to a baby. Just how safe is circumcision?

Thank-you for your participation.

Which do you think is the riskier procedure?
Circumcising an 8-day old baby boy.
Piercing the ears of an 8-day old baby girl.
Suppose there are only two qualified professionals in town that perform circumcisions. One is covered by your health plan but has a bad reputation. The other has a better reputation but is not covered. How much more would you be willing to spend to get your son circumcised by the better doctor?
I would not get him circumcised.
Would not even pay $1 more
Would pay up to $10 more
Would pay $100 more
Would pay $1000 more
Would pay $10000+!
How much more dangerous do you think it is for a boy to get circumcised at 8-years-old than at 8-days-old?
The risk is the same.
The risk is double.
The risk is triple.
The risk is more than five-times as great!
The risk is actually less.
This poll was created on 2016-03-15 05:51:57 by fdostoevski