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Green Slime, WAM, and You Can't Do That On Television

A poll to get to the bottom of You Can't Do That On Television's potential influence on sexual fetishes and kinks.
Did you watch You Can't Do That On Television as a kid?
Did you like when people got slimed?
Yes, but only the girls
Yes, but only the boys
Did you have a specific character that you liked to see get slimed?
Yes, Christine
Yes, Lisa
Yes, Vanessa
Yes, Alasidair
Yes, Jill
Yes, Chris
Yes, Jennifer
Did you have a crush on any of the characters? If so, who
How did you feel about people getting the green slime dumped on them?
I liked watching people get green slimed.
I liked watching people get green slimed, especially the person I had a crush on
It looked fun and exciting.
It looked gross and humiliating.
I always wanted to get slimed.
I never wanted to get slimed.
Did certain scenarios from You Can't Do That on TV potentially influence your sexual preferences? For instance Wet and Messy Fetish, Cross-Dressing, Diapers, or BDSM?
I never thought about it
In specific, do you remember the following scene from the famous "Technology" episode, in which Vanessa is Green Slimed in the dungeon after the audience votes for it; https://youtu.be/f6_SzolRuLE?t=6m43s
Yes, and it definitely influenced my sexual fetish/kink
Yes, and now that I think of it, that may have influenced my sexual fetish/kink
Yes, but I don't think it had any impact on my sexual development
How do you feel about the Wet and Messy Fetish
I was unaware of it
I am actively interested in it (watching others get messy)
I actively participate in it (getting messy)
You Can't Do That On Television has a strong influence in it
I do not like it
Donald Trump is a moron
If it existed, would you buy new episodes of You Can't Do That On Television, that included lots of green slime, water, pies, and the same humor from the original show? Hypothetically speaking, these would be 12 minute episodes, with high production value, priced somewhere between $7.99 and $10.99
Yes, but only if it included girls getting slimed
Yes, but only if it included guys getting slimed
Describe your favorite scene from YCDTOTV
Describe your ideal fantasy scene from new episodes of YCDTOTV (also, let us know if we have your permission to potentially use it)
This poll was created on 2016-05-15 23:09:06 by hvxmen42