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What do you prefer in fantasy novels?

A poll for readers of fantasy novels where they can choose their preferences for the genre.
Who is your preferred protagonist?
A male protagonist
A female protagonist
I like both equally
For a male protagonist - what point in life should he be?
New to adulthood, unwed, learning his path e.g. squire, apprentice, new recruit, prince
In his prime, has romantic attachments, already accomplished e.g. knight, mage, sgt/captain, leading noble
A protector, has children, has duties, a master of his craft e.g. lord, wizard teacher, general, king
For a female protagonist - what point in life should she be?
A new adult, a maiden, unwed, learning her destiny e.g. novice, apprentice, new huntress, princess
In her prime, has romantic attachments, already accomplished e.g priestess, mage, amazon, courtly princess/new queen
A protector, mother, has duties, perfected her craft e.g. Abbess/high priestess, wizard teacher, amazon queen/general, Queen Mother
What level of violence do you prefer?
Non-graphic violence (described but not in detail) e.g. The Hobbit, Harry Potter
Bloody violence (described but not dwelt upon) e.g. LotR, The Iliad
Brutal violence (gory and traumatic) e.g. A Song of Ice and Fire (GoT)
What should the level of fatality be?
No losses among the good guys
Minor losses, named characters are killed
Severe losses, some moderate or even major characters killed
Tragic losses, hero/slash heroine or their closest friends/loved ones killed
How descriptive should love scenes be?
Kissing then fade to black
Clothes removed then fade to black
Some foreplay then soft focus
Fully described love scene
How much flesh should male characters show?
Occasional shirt removal
Unclothed during bathing scenes
Unclothed during romance scenes
Unclothed as often as required
How much flesh should the female characters show?
Occasionally in small clothes
Unclothed during bathing scenes
Unclothed during romance scenes
Unclothed as often as required
What kinds of romance would you be open to reading? (Check all that apply)
How much magic should there be?
Low magic - enchanted items but no spells, wizards etc
Rare magic - magic is only wielded by non-humans or only a handful of gifted in the whole world
Normalised magic - magic is known in the world and can be formally studied
Godlike magic - wielders of magic come by their magic easily and are almost unlimited in their power
Dragons - how common should they be?
Extinct - only spoken of in legend
Almost extinct - only a few remain
Rare - they still live but you might never see one
Thriving - there are dragons and they can be found easily
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