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Bet I can make you and me run to the bathroom! (Girls only!)

Hello, and if you have to pee, take this quiz. I have to pee desperately while writing this and I bet I can make both of us pee or rush to the bathroom. Girls only! I will try writing this as long as I can, if I rush to the bathroom, or only do just a pee drop, the poll will end. Good luck!
Agh, I have to pee so bad, why am I doing this? Anyway, male or female?
Female. (Continue.)
Male. (Leave.)
On a scale of 1-10 how full is your bladder?
1. Empty. (Omg, leave.)
2. I have to pee a bit. (Come back when you have to be just a TEENY bit bad.)
3. I have to pee! (Same, girl, same!)
4. Crossed legs.
5. NEED TO PEEEEEEEE! *Holding crotch* (Don't worry! If you make it to the end of the poll, you can be super relieved! With me!)
6. *Doing the pee dance* (Oh my..Don't worry. The last question will be awesome for you.)
7. AGGFNCGHFFBVHTCBY! *Legs crossed, pee dance, holding crotch* (0.0)
8. DFGHCYCG! *Whimpering, holding crotch* (I'm so sorry for you.)
9. I peed a bit of a lot. (In that case, I'll be nice and let you skip to the last question. :3)
10. I'm peeing!!! Too late, I peed all of it. (Aww, I'm sorry. Skip to the last question.)
I'll do the activities too. Well I'll do some of them to make the poll short but long. Anyway, relax and close your eyes, and think of a waterfall. What did that do? (MY BLADDER IS STINGING!)
Almost nothing/nothing. (Lucky.)
I, uh, HAVE TO PEE! (I know, me too! Agh!)
IT'S WORSE! HELP! (I'm so sorry.)
I peed... (Skip to last question if you peed all of it or still have some left.)
I'll be right back. *Runs to the bathroom* (Aw, it must've hurt pretty bad, skip to last question.)
*Bladder is stinging and is holding crotch* I'll be right back....
Ok? (*In the bathroom*) Oh..
What's wrong? (*In the bathroom*) Ohhh..
LUCKY! (*In the bathroom* I know, I'm sorry!)
Aw, I'm so sorry.. (*In the bathroom* Ahhhhh....it's okay, it feels better now..)
I peed too. :( (*Comes out of bathroom* I'm sorry, skip to last question.)
Ok, so I went to the bathroom, I'm so sorry, it hurt so bad. But I'll still continue for you guys! Anyway! Here's a story that might make you go pee! Story: I was at the beach in my swimsuit and I had to pee, I rushed to the bathrooms and there was a big line, I would probably pee when I get 5th in line, so I ran out of the line. I asked someone if they knew any good places to pee and not be seen. Thankfully she was very understanding and told me I could just go into the water and pee and then go home. I didn't wanna go home since I got to the beach like 10 minutes ago. I whimpered silently as she told me I could go deep into the water where my arms and swimsuit aren't seen and pull my swimsuit aside and pee. I quickly thanked her and ran into the water and did as told. The relief was awesome and I thanked her a million times.
Sorta have to PEE!!!! (I know, I sowwy.)
GOTTA PEE!!!!!!!!! (I'm sorry.)
I. REALLY. GOTTA. PEE! (You can make it!)
I'm peeing but I stopped. (Aw, skip to the last question.)
I peed.... (Aw, sorry. Skip to the last.)
Ok, think of a toilet and whole your thinking about it, sit on the toilet with your clothes on and turn on the sink and listen to the water while thinking of the toilet. How do you feel?
Gotta go...
Gotta peeeee! (Sorry.)
I'm peeing... (Quickly stop (If you can) and skip to the last question!)
I'm peeing and I can't sto- Too late... (Aww, sorry, skip to last.)
Do 10 jumping Jacks and stand there for about a minute. Sit back down, how do you feel?
Gotta peeeeeee...
AGGHGHHHH! IT'S SO HARD TO HOLD IT IN! (It's okay, next is the last question! You'll be okay!)
I'M PEEING! (Stop the spurt, please and skip to the next question!)
Peed... (Next question. :( )
Last question, YOU MAY GO PEE! Go pee and come back and read the rest. If you wet yourself before the last question, I'm sorry. :( Did you like this quiz and do you want another? Bai!
Yes, I liked it, and yes you should.
No, I didn't like it and you shouldn't.
Yes, I liked it and no you shouldn't.
No, I didn't like it and yes you should.
This poll was created on 2016-09-15 16:27:36 by PinkyPoll101