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Just a Q and A about what you would do if you streaked.
If you streaked, would you wear any accesories?
Yes, a pair of shoes to protect my footsies
Yes, glasses or a hat to protect my eyes from the sun
No, if i streaked i would go all out. Nude only
If you streaked and ran into a family member, what would you do?
Cover my special bits and try to explain myself
Turn around and run like heck
Show off what you got
What would you say when you streaked?
"Im streaking!"
"Hey everyone, get a load of me!"
"Naked boy/girl coming through beep beep!"
If you were streaking and you had to pee, what woud you do?
Make a mad dash for the nearest restroom
Hike a leg and pee on a building
"Why wouldn't i just go before i left?"
This poll was created on 2016-09-30 02:14:25 by BomongaHartha