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political poll

How do you feel about equality in America?
It's great. Everyone is equal and happy.
It's okay. We are have more equality than other countries but we still have some issues to address.
It's not good. We have major issues that need to be called to attention.
No opinion.
How well do you feel our government handles equality issues in America?
They do a great job. Equality issues, if any are handled well and efficiently.
They do an okay job. Equality issues are addressed but decisions aren't make efficiently.
They don't do a good job. When they do address issues on equality they don't address them in the right manner.
No opinion.
How do you think the Trump Administration will effect equality?
The Trump Administration will be beneficial to equality in America.
The Trump Administration will not impact equality in America.
The Trump Administration will worsen equality in America for minorities.
No opinion.
This poll was created on 2017-02-01 15:22:21 by kalle415