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What would you do in West World?

This is about the HBO show Westworld, and if it was real what would you want to do. Also don't forget to check out my other polls (in the comments section).
Ok first would you want to be a guest (get to do whatever you want), or a host (get to be basically physically perfect and can't really die)?
The next couple questions are if you are a guest, but you can still answer if you would prefer being a host just pick what you prefer if you had to be a guest. So first, would you be a 'black hat'(evil) or a 'white hat'(good)?
Black hat
White hat
For a black hat, what stuff would you want to do?
Kill hosts
Rob banks
Join the confederate army
Join bandits
Gamble at the saloon
Other (I'm sure I forgot plenty):
As a white hat what would you do?
Protect the town with the sheriff
Fight bandits in outskirts
Fight in US army
Help homesteaders
Romance a host (like William does)
Gamble in saloon (It's not just for black hats!)
What do you think about the hosts, ethically? Are they close enough to human to deserve rights, or just very lifelike machines?
They have emotions, can feel, so you should treat them like humans.
They are just machines built for a specific purpose, you can use them as such.
Other viewpoint:
Now some questions about being a host. Firstly, what sex would you be (doesn't have to be what you are in real life)?
Would you change your physical appearance? If so, how would you change?
Stay the same
Change it. How?
What role(s) would you want to be in Westworld?
Native American
Saloon owner
Saloon worker
Would you want to know that you are a host, or think you are just a regular person?
I want to know what I am
Ignorance is bliss!
Memories for the hosts plays a major role in the show. Would you want to keep your memories every time you die and they bring you back?
Of course not, I don't want to remember any bad things that might happen to me.
Of course, I don't want to forget the things I've been through!
Finally, this is for both hosts and guests. Why did you choose the role you chose, and why do you want to do those things?
Are there any specific storylines you would want to be involved in? Or do you have any ideas for storylines?
Thanks for taking my poll! Be sure to check out my other ones (in the comments). Leave any comments for me here about what you thought about my poll, or leave your email if you want to chat about Westworld and other tv shows.
This poll was created on 2017-02-22 15:08:50 by Kinkykelly