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Medicare Drug Plan Penalty

Lifetime penalty imposed on seniors 65 and over who do not have drug plans.
In 2006, Medicare implemented a supposedly voluntary drug plan option (Part D) but imposed a penalty or late enrollment payment fee (LEP) which is a LIFETIME penalty added to the cost of the drug plan premium. So for clarification if your plan’s premium is $17.00 per month, add whatever your LEP is (1 percent of the national base figure each month times the number of months you went without a drug plan when you turned 65) to the premium amount and by the way the LEP national base figure goes up increasing your LEP over the years. This penalty is nothing more than forced coercion of the American people to buy into drug plans that in many cases won’t even cover certain drugs. Most people are not even aware of this penalty such as in my case (when shopping around for house insurance, the broker happened to ask me if I had a drug plan). Insurance for medications is a smart decision but penalties after doing so is simply unfair and for a life time is absolutely nonsense! Please sign this petition to bring it to the attention of our new President. Do you agree or disagree that this penalty is fair or unfair. See link to sign the petition: https://twitter.com/littlepoller
This poll was created on 2017-03-07 12:52:50 by concernedsenior