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Which of these seems more interesting?

A few of my friends and I were messing around with concepts for me to draw. The following is what we came up with, keep in mind they are all a little weird so be prepared.

Which of these would be more interesting to draw?

0% (0) Ghost Dragon in the Pirate Age
0% (0) Zombie Dragon in the Victorian era
0% (0) Zombie Thor and Skeleton Jormungandr
0% (0) Zombie Elf in the Middle Ages
0% (0) Lich-Fairy combination in the Victorian era (A lich is an undead sorcerer)
0% (0) Ancient Egyptian Skeleton Nymph
0% (0) Ancient Roman Skeleton Mermaid
0% (0) Ancient Greek Vampire Fairy
0% (0) A Samurai Vampire-Elf combo
0% (0) Werewolf-Fairy mix in the Renaissance era

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This poll was created on 2017-03-25 02:05:28 by The_Dragon_Spy
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