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Females first family coffee drinking experiences

I've found that most families tend to mock girls when they start to drink coffee. Girls usually start when they are teens but that first Sunday morning breakfast when a girl says she wants a cup of coffee can be a humiliating experience! (It was for my female cousins!) The way of thinking is usually "Aww, a cute innocent girl wanting to drink coffee like a grown up!" Not that this is the right way of thinking but I think it happens more with girls than guys. Anyway, this poll is to tell about YOUR first family coffee drinking experiences!
How old were you when you started drinking coffee?
Why did you decide to start drinking coffee?
Did your family make fun of you when you started drinking coffee? Who in your family mocked you and what was the situation? ( Family breakfast? Brunch? Out to eat? Or did you just go to the coffee pot and pour yourself a cup?)
What did your family say when they mocked you?
This poll was created on 2017-04-26 18:40:22 by gulpimdoomed