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Kukook Resumes

Kukook creates creative resume templates for Microsoft word for customers who need to gain instant access to quality templates right away. We know that to compete in today’s job market, you have to stand out from the rest and the best place to start is with your resume because this is often the difference between your getting the interview or not. We want to improve the services and products we offer and would love to hear from you, so we decided to create a quick survey. We appreciate your taking the time to fill out the survey as it will help us serve our customers better!
What is the most challenging aspect of writing your own resume?
How to format it.
Thinking of the right things to include.
Understanding what potential employers want to see.
I am not very good at talking about myself and my accomplishments.
I really have no idea, I just do not enjoy it all.
Are you confident in your ability to write your own resume?
If you answered no to question 2, what would help you?
Having someone help, but I cannot afford to pay someone.
Having the work done for me so all I have to do is provide the details!
Not really sure I’ll ever have the confidence or patience to write a resume.
Would you consider hiring a professional to create a professional resume for you?
No, I could never afford a professional resume writer.
Yes, most definitely!
I have worked with one before and I am very happy with the results.
How do you feel about your current resume?
I do not have one.
It’s just okay, needs a lot of work!
I am happy with my resume but it could use some tweaks.
I am not looking to make any updates or changes to it.
Would you consider using a creative resume template?
Absolutely, I need all of the help I can get!
Possibly, but I would need to see them first.
Not really, most templates seem to look the same.
No, I am happy with my resume.
What would stop you from using a template to create a new resume?
A variety of designs, colors, and styles to choose from.
Industry-focused designs and layouts.
Template designs that stand out.
Great formatting.
All of the above.
This poll was created on 2017-05-27 22:49:45 by Kukook