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superman's mothers(virtual story)

This is what I imagined inspired by the Superboy story. In this story, Krypton is destroyed when Kal-El (superman) is a child, not a baby. Because Kal-El's parents Jor-El and Lara could not afford it, they flee to the "Phantom zone" and Kal-El tries to escape to aunt alura (supergirl's mother). Kal-El, however, jumps into lara's arms, telling her parents to enter the "Phantom zone". Lara accepts him and embraces him. But after a while, lara hugs Kal-El with a hard look and goes to alura. Even though Kal-El is shocked, she holds Kal-El to alura's. The al-kal, who received Kal-el, runs and escapes. Kal-El cries and calls lara, but alura hugs him and runs away.

This is what I think, but do you think that the lara and alula will do so in this situation?

0% (0) Yes. Lara and alura will be determined to save Kal-El.
0% (0) They will have Kal-El go into the "Phantom zone" with lara.

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This poll was created on 2017-06-12 18:42:35 by efgh80
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