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boys who take off shoes or misbehave at the movies or cinema

this is a poll for boys (or fathers of boys) who like to take off their shoes and/or misbehave at the movies or cinema and how their dads react if they are with them.
how old are you (or is your son if you are the dad)
what kind of shoes and socks do you wear to the movies/cinema (or does your son wear)?
at the movies/cinema, do you (or your son) take your shoes all the way off, or do shoeplay, or what do you like to do?
have you (or your son) ever lost or almost lost shoes at the movies/cinema?
why do you take off your shoes at the movies/cinema, is it to get comfortable, feel good, for the risk or fun, is exciting, or why?
what other kinds of things do you (or your son) do at the movies/cinema that you should not or that are misbehaving?
please feel free to share stories of shoes off or misbehaving at the movies/cinema:
This poll was created on 2017-06-28 11:10:46 by showoffboy