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one shoe guy

I liked to take off my right shoe and just have a left shoe and a sock on my right foot. I keep my right shoe very loose so it can come off easily, and I hope it might accidentally come off and be lost, it never has. When nobody is around, I walk around outdoors without my right shoe. I really want to lose it, and not have the right one and have to do my normal stuff like normal but wearing only the left shoe the whole time. Who else feels this way and I really want to hear from anybody that does wear one shoe only all the time. Give me some advice on how to Have to wear one everywhere
Which shoe do you prefer to wear?
Switch between the two
Left shoe on only
Right shoe on only
Do you like to wear one shoe at a time? And if so, how often do you?
I like to but I don't do it in public
I go out with one shoe in public for part of a day
I regularly go out with one shoe
I've gone at least a week straight with only one shoe
I've gone over a month with only one shoe
I usually wear one shoe only
I have completely stopped wearing two shoes at a time
Which shoe do you prefer to wear?
Right shoe on
Left shoe on
Switch between the two
How did you start wearing one shoe in public?
Pretended that my shoe was lost or stolen so I had an excuse.
Just went out one day with only one shoe and kept doing it.
Gradually started wearing one shoe only more and more often.
Shoe was lost or stolen, then I decided I liked it better that way.
How old were you when you started wearing one shoe in public?
Under 12
What do you have for shoes?
Only left shoes
single right shoes
single left shoes
Only right shoes
All shoes in pairs
Should I start wearing one shoe only in public?
switch to only wearing one shoe all the time as soon as you can
start trying it out more often
get rid of your right shoes so you don't change your mind.
favorite story about wearing one shoe only?
If I get up enough nerve how should I get rid of my shoe
This poll was created on 2017-07-01 17:20:51 by B.watson