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Game of Thrones Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting

Could GOT characters such as Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) & Sansa (Sophie Turner) defeat a male in combat?
Which Character takes part in the match?
Lena Headey - Cersei Lannister
Emilia Clarke - Daenerys Targaryen
Natalie Dormer - Margaery Tyrell
Carice van Houten - Melisandre
Nathalie Emmanuel - Missandei
Sophie Turner - Sansa Stark
Tired of the Character's endless war, the Peasant, an untrained, 5'10" 165lb skinny-fat male, confronts the Character trying to usurp her throne. What is the Character's reaction? imagebam.com
A Trial By Combat is declared between the Character and Peasant. Where does it take place?
Before the Iron Throne in the Great Hall
Throne Room in the Great Pyramid of Meereen
Great Pit of Daznak (Meereen Gladiatorial Arena)
The High Hall of the Eyrie (Open Moon Door)
Vaes Dothrak
House of the Black & White
Winterfell Courtyard
On top of The Wall
Before the match how does Character intimidate her opponent?
Shadow boxes
Stares him down
Flexes her muscles
Flaunts her body
Points and laughs at him
Makes fun of his body
Tells him she is going to beat him up
Chest bumps him
Grinds up against him
Doesn't bother to intimidate him
Who wins the Trial By Combat?
Character beats him easily
Character wins a one sided match, but the Peasant puts up a struggle
Character wins a back and forth match but is left exhausted
Peasant wins a back and forth match but he's left exhausted
Peasant wins a one sided match, but Character puts up a good fight
Peasant wins easily
If the Character wins what happens during the match?
How did the Character taunt the Peasant?
In what fashion did the match end?
What move(s) did the winner use to finish the loser?
Reverse Headscissor
Standing Headscissor
Elbow Strike
Knee Strike
Ground & Pound
Choke Out/ Sleeper Hold
Breast Smother/ Grapevine Pin
Schoolgirl Pin
Crossbody Pin
If the Character wins how does the match end? How does she humiliate/ trash talk the Peasant?
If the Character wins how does she humiliate her opponent after the match?
She poses over the Peasant, she flexes and cheers as she dances over him
She makes fun of him for being beaten up by a girl
She slaps the Peasant until he cries
She mocks him as he cries
She forces the Peasant to admit he's weaker than her
She pulls down his shorts and spanks him
She laughs at his little package
She forces him to be her slave
She suffocates the Peasant with her butt
She suffocates the Peasant with her breasts
She snaps his neck
She forces him to take Walk of Atonement
She throws him in the Dungeon
She shoves him out the Moon Door
After the match what condition is the loser in?
Battered & Bruised
Broken Bones
Missing Teeth
Black Eyes
A Crying Mess
Knocked Out
In need of medical attention
What are the Character's final words after the match?
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