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New Arika unnamed fighting game : share your thoughts and expectations

A quick poll for fans and players to share their first opinion towards the upcoming Arika fighting game, along with their hopes for its future.
Overall, how do you feel about Arika making a brand new fighting game with long lost characters from the EX series?
Very happy, excited and hyped.
Indifferent. I am still to be convinced.
So far, what do you think of the game's art direction?
I love it! It's very beautiful and fits the game perfectly.
I don't really like it.
What is your current opinion about the game's soundtrack?
I love it! It's amazing to rediscover the original trilogy's beloved themes.
I don't like it that much. Too old school, perhaps.
How do you feel about the game's gameplay so far?
Optimistic and confident. Can't wait to play it, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun.
It seems okay, but I still don't know what to think about the "Gougi" system, especially after the failure of Street Fighter X Tekken's Gems system.
Sceptical. I'm not hyped for now. At all.
What kind of stages would you like to see?
Remakes of the best stages from the original trilogy.
New ones. As long as they look good.
I don't care much about the stages.
After the game's release, would be willing to pay for extra costumes as DLC, so the characters could have more than one outfit - either brand new ones or old school outfits (Allen's original purple gi, C.Jack's original SFEX1 design, ...)?
Why not! As long as they look good!
Should the game focus on offline solo modes?
Yes! Arcade and Story modes would heavily influence my decision to potentially get the game.
It would be cool, but I could do without/wait for DLCs.
I don't care, I only play online.
Six characters have been confirmed so far. Out of all the original EX characters yet to be announced, which ones are expecting the most?
Cracker Jack
Doctrine Dark
Blair Dame
Pullum Purna
Vulcano Rosso
Shadow Geist
The cycloids
If Fighting Layer characters had to join the party, which ones would you like to see?
According to rumors, Arika plans to give priority to the original EX characters from the first EX game. Once this is done, what characters category do you think they should give priority to?
The rest of the EX characters. I'd like all of them to be back.
Fighting Layer characters. This is the best chance for them to shine.
Guest characters (most likely from Street Fighter).
Newcomers. Brand new characters.
Rumor has it that Arika plans to release an initial version of the game, with 10 playable characters, and then add more content later according to the game's success. What do you think of it?
Considering the game's limited budget, I'm totally fine with that and willing to support the game from day 1. Hopefully the game will get more and more stuff if enough people support it.
I'm sceptical about it. I'm willing to support the game if it pleases me, but I'm not sure this is the best way to proceed for Arika.
No way I'm getting the game in these conditions. I'll either wait for a more complete version (with more playable characters and more solo content) or pass.
If Arika does stick to this plan, how much would you be willing to pay for the initial version of the game?
Any price! I'm so glad the EX universe is coming back I'm willing to support it no matter what.
$50 - $60
$40 - $50
$30 - $40
$20 - $30
This poll was created on 2017-08-12 00:14:05 by Cheribam J