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Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting Video Game Characters Part 2

Features Quiet, Honoka, Tracer, Sophitia and many more. Could these video game characters win in a mixed match? Remember to copy paste any written answers to word, text or similar document in case site is down. Check out Part 1 here: https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/618065
Which character should participate in the match?
Angel (King of Fighters)
Chloe Frazer (Uncharted)
Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)
Cora Harper (Mass Effect)
Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)
Evie Frye (Assassins Creed)
Helena (Dead or Alive)
Honoka (Dead or Alive)
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)
Kitana (Mortal Kombat)
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury)
Mercy (Overwatch)
Mia Fey (Ace Attorney)
Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)
Nina Williams (Tekken)
Nyotengu (Dead or Alive)
Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.)
Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)
Quiet (Metal Gear)
Sophitia (Soul Calibur)
Taki (Soul Calibur)
Talia al Ghul (Arkham City)
Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy)
Tracer (Overwatch)
Triss Merigold (Witcher)
Wii Fit Trainer (Super Smash Bros)
Yennefer (Witcher)
Sometimes celebrities are cast to portray VG characters. If you think a female celeb should portray your selected character who would it be?
If her outfit is different from her default attire what is she wearing?
Before the match how does she taunt her untrained skinny-fat opponent? imagebam.com
What type of match do they have?
Kick Boxing
No Rules Street Fight
On what stage does the match place?
City Street
City Rooftops
Bar/ Club
Back Alley
Private Penthouse
Ancient Ruins
MMA Cage
Boxing Ring
Underground Fight Club
How big is the audience?
Millions upon millions, broadcast worldwide
A packed stadium
A crowd of over 100
Several dozen onlookers
A small handful
No one, happens in private
Before the match how does the Character intimidate her opponent? (Can select Multiple choices)
Shadow boxes
Stares him down
Flashes him a smile
Flexes her muscles
Flaunts her body
Points and laughs at him
Laughs at his small package
Makes fun of his body
Tells him she's going to beat him up
Chest bumps him
Grinds up against him
Doesn't bother to intimidate him
Who wins?
She beats Guy easily
She beats Guy after a struggle
Guy beats her after a struggle
Guy beats her easily
(If the VG Character wins) What happens during the match?
How did she taunt/ make fun of her opponent during the match?
In what fashion did the match end?
Knock Out (If boxing in what round?)
What was the finishing move(s)?
Reverse Headscissor
Standing Headscissor
Elbow Strike
Knee Strike
Ground & Pound
Choke Out/ Sleeper Hold
Breast Smother
Schoolgirl Pin
If the VG Character won, how exactly did the match end? How did she humiliate/ trash talk Guy?
If the VG Character won how does she humiliate her foe? (Can select Multiple choices)
She flexes and poses over him
She makes fun of him for being beat up by a girl
She mockingly asks is he's okay
She slaps him until he cries
She giggles and mocks him as he cries
She forces him to admit he's weaker than her
She gives him a painful wedgie
She pulls down his shorts and spanks him
She laughs at his little package
she suffocates him with her butt
She forces him to be her slave
She suffocates him with her breasts
She dresses him up like a girl
She snaps his neck
What condition is Guy in after the match? (Can select multiple choices)
Bruised and Battered
Broken Bones
Black Eyes
A Crying Mess
Knocked Out
In Need of Medical Attention
How does the Character respond when she's interviewed about the match?
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