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Gauntlet grand finale!

Lucy Pinder has won all three of the gauntlet series matches so far. Still, as the cage is finally positioned and hooked up for the last match, she's looking pretty close to done as her opponents head towards the ring. Rachel Aldana is followed by Mr. Average (yup, you guys voted for him!), and Katie Price is in tow waving a remote around to feed commands to Average through the match.

In the first few minutes of the match ....

16% (3) Lucy was either playing possum, or calls on superhuman reserves of stamina and somehow manages to get the upper hand on both opponents.
11% (2) Katie is awful with the remote, Average and Rachel wind up in each others way more than anything else, and not much of note occurs for a while
27% (5) Rachel waits in the corner, planning to conserve some energy and let Average wear down Lucy some more
22% (4) Rachel and Average overwhelm Lucy from the bell. She's in no condition to resist and is subjected to all manner of high impact moves from the outset
22% (4) Rachel and Average toy with Lucy, not yet wanting to do much damage. Rachel wants to humiliate her and break her mentally before that all starts
0% (0) Something else that I didn't think of .....

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Since it is a cage match, does anyone get bounced off it, thrown into it or whatever. FYI it's not yet been electrified...

22% (4) Not really
38% (7) All 3 have bounced off it at least once
11% (2) Average has been a victim of the cage
0% (0) Rachel has been a victim of the cage
27% (5) Lucy has been a victim of the cage

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So at about 3 minutes into the match ...

16% (3) Lucy is in control
16% (3) It's a stalemate so far
66% (12) Rachel and Average are in control

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Anything of note happened so far?

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Then, a buzzer goes off, a switch is thrown, and just like that, the cage is all electricy for 1 minute. Surely someone gets thrown into it and does the "don't tase me bro" dance, right?

16% (3) Lucy gets zapped by it once or twice
50% (9) Rachel and Average do their best to try and microwave Lucy while it's juiced up
11% (2) Rachel gets a brief shock
16% (3) Lucy uses the cage to her advantage on Rachel while the switch is on
16% (3) Average gets electrified momentarily
16% (3) Lucy keeps Average doing the chicken dance off the juiced up cage
5% (1) Nope, consider the fun ruined

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So at 5 minutes into the match, the cage is de-electrified. At this point ...

50% (9) It's obvious Rachel and Average could have finished the match at any point they wanted. Rachel has done well enough against Lucy in the past on her own. Add in Lucy's condition at the start, and a mind controlled partner with a crazy person at the controls, makes a very painful 5 minutes for Lucy
0% (0) No clue who's going to win, still pretty even
38% (7) In classic pro wrestling fashion, every once in a while Lucy looks to take over the match only to get knocked down. The spunky underdog always keeps the audience interested right?
11% (2) Lucy is somehow in control of the match. Rachel and Average have been battered about, Katie Price is standing outside the cage dumbfounded at how this is turning out.

18 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2018-12-25 03:55:31 by wrectoplasm
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