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males losing over a foot of height?

When I first met my wife, I was 5'6 and she was 5'5. We were both happy with our relationship, and that was that. But about a year after we had gotten married, I started noticing things like my clothes being just a tiny bit too large, and everything else just seemed like it was bigger. The biggest red flag was that instead of being slightly taller than my wife, I was the exact same height as her. We were both confused, and we decided to measure me, and it turned out that I had lost 2.5 cm off of my height. The strangest part is that I was only 27 at the time. I'd always been a bit on the short side, but I was always 5'6, but now I was somehow only 5'5. About two weeks later, I had noticed that everything looked even bigger now. The worst part was my wife had woken up before me, and was just getting out of the shower as I woke up. When I fully stood up, we were both shocked. Both of us were barefoot, but I was now staring right at her mouth. Even worse, she was kind of treating me like I was below her. It was humiliating looking at my own 5'5 wife's mouth. I felt like I was a little kid. Before I knew it , she forced me into a hug and tried to comfort me. At first I tried to get out of the hug, but she was physically stronger than me, and I couldn't escape. I would have told her it was making me uncomfortable, but her tight grip was intimidating, so I didn't say anything. We measured me soon after, and I was now a mere 5'2. How could this have happened? I suggested that I go to the doctor, but she tried her hardest to discourage me from it. Knowing that she was stronger than me now, combined with the hugging incident, I didn't mess with her. After that she started wearing 3 inch heels around the house, so I was only about the height of her shoulders. 2 more weeks pass, and my wife was slowly becoming dominant over me, and I'm now only 4'9. She still always wears her heels, but even when she doesn't, she still TOWERS over me. This continued for a while, but when I hit the 4'5 mark, she started holding me and treating me like her kid. Right now I'm only about 4'1. I forgot to mention it earlier, but long before me and my wife got married, we had a kid. Currently, my daughter is 9 but she's already 5'4, and the doctors say she could either max out at 5'10 or 6'3. Whenever we go out in public, my wife always says that I'm her son. I would tell someone in real life, but I'm scared to. Last time I disobeyed her, she had me lick both her and my daughter's feet for the entire day. Even when my wife isn't around, my daughter is even crueler to me. Just yesterday she cornered me, and pressed her body up against mine. My old clothes obviously doesn't fit anymore. The clothes I buy now is categorized as clothes for girls around the age of 7. Whenever my wife and daughter are home, they always carry me in their arms, but when they aren't there and decide to leave me alone, they put me in the cradle we used back when my daughter was a baby. One time I managed to escape, but as a punishment, my wife SAT ontop of me for almost the entire day! In summary, my life has become a living hell of foot licking, being cornered, sat on, and just generally humiliated. I might update, probably not.
Have you lost any height
Have you lost any height?
Have you lost any height?
This poll was created on 2019-03-07 19:35:46 by microscopic_64