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Vintage childrens TV programmes

Does anyone else even remember these shows? And if so, are there any that you can even begin to imagine being reactivated?
James The Cat (if you remember anything other than the theme tune, answer this question: what was it the sequel to?)
The Up And Down [In And Out Round About] Man. (Apart from it not being very funny, what was the big difference between this and Mr Bean?).
The Enchanted House (very old! if you've heard of it, provide the unimaginative names of the animals, and...which one played the piano?)
A Bear Behind (how do we know that the host was a homeless person?)
Pullover (what was strange about the end credits?)
Stepping Stones (you're singing the theme tune now, aren't you! but who was the more famous of the hosts?)
A Handful Of Songs - and its sequel Song Book. (Apart from the suspiciously high quality of the kids' drawings, what was "unusual" in each episode?)
The Sunday morning, religion-infected, kids shows Wake Up Sunday and Knock Knock Who's There. (Answer this question - what happened to Buster Jones who was a Mean Ol' Man?)
The Rub-A-Dub Tub. (The show which brought Curious George to the rest of the world. But...There were two musical-instrument-wielding storytellers - one was a flautist, what instrument did the other one play?)
Paper Play (as boring as any other arts-and-crafts-for-kids show. Except for the puppets - can you name them?)
Puffin's Plaice (words fail me)
The show parents swear by! Oh f-f-f..."Fiddly Foodle Bird"! (But can you name another character?)
We'll Tell You A Story (the first of Christopher Lilicrap's shows. If you remember it, quote me a few lyrics from The Milkman Song and the Number 16 Bus song!)
Home (as in "home on the other side" - many people remember the theme tune...but, in the words of ITV, what was it about?!)
Tottie (the least famous Postgate production - but what was the "musical" element we all looked forward to but hardly ever got?)
Gideon (as in "what a funny-looking duckling!" First among memories - how did they trap the wolf?)
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