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Girl who wrestle and Headscissor

This is for GIRLS who still enjoy wrestling and headscissoring! New to creating polls so the questions will be numbered for you to answer and describe your experiences.

Answer these questions in order: 1. How old are you? 2. Where are you from? 3. When did you first realise you like wrestling? 4. When did you first discover the Headscissor move? 5. How did you discover these moves? 6. Who do you wrestle and use this move on the most? 7. Do you Headscissor regularly and if so how often? 8. What do you like to wear whilst doing this? 9. How does the wrestling finish, for example tap out/knockout/or when you feel like stopping? 10. Have you ever knocked or made someone pass out and if so describe what happened? 11. What happens if the opponent loses, for example let them go, keep squeezing after pass out, humiliate them? Explain this. 12. What do you like about this move and why? 13. What is your favouring type of Headscissor and why? For example front/reverse/side/ figure four/smother? 14. Would you be willing to meet someone you do not know in order to do this? 15. What other moves do you enjoy the most whilst wrestling and why? Thank you for taking part and if you wish to talk about this more leave a form of contact at the end to get in touch? :)

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This poll was created on 2019-06-21 09:30:12 by Anon645
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