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Dentist Visit (new!)

Let's discuss your dental visits
Age at first dental examination
Age at last dental examination
How frequent are your dental visits?
Every three months
Every six months
Once a year
I don't go anymore
I just go when there's a problem
Do you fear the dentist?
Your dentist you go to...
Has a small practice and is the only dentist there
Has a small practice and a small team of dentists
Works from home and is the only dentist (has an exam and waiting room built on to the house)
Conducts my examinations at my house
Works in a large dental practice
Visits my workplace frequently and examines my teeth as well as my coworker's teeth while there
Visits my school/college frequently and examines my teeth as well my fellow peers' teeth while there
Stops by my area in a Dental Bus/Van frequently and I have my examinations in there
Is a dental school for students learning to become dentists
Is there one of the above you'd prefer or like to try?
An examination or treatment in a Dental Bus/Van
An examination or treatment at my dentist's home office
An examination or treatment at my workplace
An examination or treatment at my school/college
An examination or treatment at a dentist school
An examination or treatment in my own home
Your preferred dentist is...
Non binary
Don't care
Do you prefer to be the only patient in the room while having your teeth examined?
Yes, I would feel embarrassed if someone was watching or could hear what was happening to me
Yes, I'm too nervous when people are watching
I don't mind being examined next to other patients being examined at the same time, but I don't want anyone watching me being examined
I don't mind if people are standing in line waiting for their turn while watching the dentist examine my teeth
I don't mind people watching me getting my teeth examined, but I'd prefer to have any treatment (fillings, root canals, etc) privately
I don't mind people watching me getting treatment (fillings, root canals, etc)
I encourage people to watch me have my teeth examined and have dental treatment
If the appointment is at your home, what room is the examination/treatment in?
Lounge room/living area
Your bedroom
Spare bedroom
I've never had a dental appointment at home
I've had (number) teeth filled in my life
I find the dental filling procedure...
Nerve wracking
I've never had a filling before
Have you ever had a mouth prop used keep your mouth open wide? Some dentists will use them for nervous patients who close their mouths during treatment constantly
Yes, for examinations and treatments always
Yes, for treatments always
I have one or twice for treatments
No, but I'd like to try
No, I'm fine without one
When it comes to the dentist numbing you, do you prefer...
No numbing, I am fine without it
Just the one injection in my gum
Just two injections to be sure
I'd prefer the dentist to make sure I'm completely numb and have them inject my gums multiple times
I was years old when I had my first filling/s
I was told I needed fillings
I prefer my dental appointments to be...
Quick, 15 minutes at the most
Fair, 30 minutes
At least an hour
2-3 hours
4-5 hours
6-8 hours
During my appointments, I'd prefer
Just one dentist be in the room examining/working on my teeth
Dentist and one assistant examining/working on my teeth
Dentist and two assistants examining/working on my teeth
Dentist and three assistants examining/working on my teeth
I prefer my dentist to be
Either is fine
My dentist is
Old fashioned, relies on what they've used for years
Uses the modern up to date technology
My dentist uses gas for treatment
Only as a last resort
If I ask
Have you ever been restrained on the dental chair during appointments?
Yes, during general examinations due to my anxiety. I requested it.
Yes, during general examinations due to my anxiety. The dentist requested it.
Yes, during general examinations due to my anxiety. My parents suggested it.
Yes, during dental treatment due to my anxiety. I requested it.
Yes, during dental treatment due to my anxiety. My dentist requested it.
Yes, during dental treatment due to my anxiety. My parents requested it.
Yes, during general examinations and treatment due to a medical condition as it is a requirement.
No, but I think it would help me.
No, it wouldn't help me.
If your appointment is in your home, what is the set up like?
Dentist brings along a portable dental chair and his tools.
I have a recliner I sit in so the dentist just brings tools along
I sit upright in a dining chair and tilt my head back. Dentist moves from behind my head to in front of me constantly
I lay down on my bed with my head at the bottom of the bed. Dentist sits on a chair at the end of the bed
I lay down on the dining table and the dentist sits on a chair at the end of the table
I have my own dental chair and equipment the dentist uses
If the dentist visits you at home, what's the lighting situation?
The dentist uses natural light and I am examined next to a bright window
The dentist brings a head torch and only uses that
The dentist brings an overhead light which is placed next to me
I have my own overhead light the dentist uses
I've never had an appointment at home
Do prefer the dentist to tell you the second they find a problem area?
Yes, I like to know as they go
No, I prefer for them to not tell me what I need done until I'm sitting upright in the chair at the end
Imagine this: Your mouth is wide open and you're being examined by your dentist. Your dentist tells you that you need four fillings. You tell your dentist you'll return another day to get them filled, but they tell you at least two of them need to be filled immediately. How do you feel?
Nervous, I've never had any fillings done before but I'll open my mouth wide and let the dentist do what they think is best.
Nervous, I've never had any fillings done before and I don't want them. The dentist is going to prop my mouth open so I don't get scared and close my mouth. I trust this is for the best.
Okay with it. I've never had fillings before but it had to happen one day I suppose.
Disappointed. I've never had fillings before and I'm upset with myself that I've let this happen. I'll open my mouth wide and let the dentist fill the teeth without any problems though.
Nervous, I've had a filling before so I know what to expect. The dentist will have to help me by propping my mouth open though.
Fine. I enjoy the experience of having fillings, so I'll gladly comply.
Nervous, I've had a filling before so I know what to expect but I'll comply and trust the dentist.
Excited. I really enjoy getting my teeth filled so I allow the dentist to get to work straight away and ask for all four teeth to be filled today
Imagine this: You're in the dental chair being examined and you hear a dentist drill next door.
My eyes widen and I become nervous that I'll be next
I try to imagine what the other patient is feeling and feel sorry for them
I get excited but hope I'm not next
I get excited and hope I'm next
Imagine this: You go to your dental appointment for three fillings, to only be told your regular dentist is away. The receptionist gives you seven options. What do you choose?
Ray: A 60 year old man who has been a dentist for 35 years. old fashioned. He's friendly but not overly, and doesn't do small talk. He will get straight to work but is thorough and you'll be in the chair for hours. Likes to give an extra one or two injections to avoid interruptions.
Sally: Just turned 50. Gentle, motherly. Usually a favourite for the children. Makes small talk and will offer gas. Patients say they don't ever feel her injections. Your fillings will take about an hour all up.
Matthew: In his twenties, fresh out of medical school. Makes small talk, friendly, gentle and offers the newest technology. Due to offering a laser to remove the cavity, your appointment will be under an hour and completely painless.
Alicia: Attractive blonde, about to turn 30. Easy to talk to, gentle, prefers to numb and drill cavities than do laser. You'll only feel the injections slightly but won't feel anything else. Appointment for your filling will take between 1.5 hours and 2 hours due to Alicia stopping and checking to make sure you're doing okay constantly throughout. Can offer mouth props or restraints if it will calm you down.
Tom: 48, doesn't make small talk and reviews say he sometimes makes patients feel like a number rather than a patient. Long thorough appointments. If requested, will do fillings without numbing. Your fillings would take around an hour.
Joe: 40, gentle and caring. Makes small talk and treats you like family. Has a good reputation and provides painless dentistry. Very handsome. Your fillings will take around 1.5 hours.
Madeline: Young, in her twenties. Known by previous patients to not numb patients up enough before drilling. Pretty. You'll have to tolerate some pain. Madeline doesn't like to be interrupted, and won't check in on you like Alicia will. Uses mouth props for treatment all the time. Encourages patients to be restrained to the chair. Your fillings will take around 2-3 hours.
Would you choose to have your cavities removed by a laser if you had the choice?
Yes, that would mean no injections or drill
Once to try it, but I'd probably go back to the drill
No, I don't trust it
No, I enjoy getting my teeth drilled
Do you ever still go to the dentist with your family?
Yes, we all go together and have our appointments at the same time in the same room (chairs all next to each other in a row)
Yes, we all go together and are examined one at a time (waiting in the same room as the person being examined)
I'm the only one being examined but a parent takes me and watches
I'm the only one being examined but a parent waits in the waiting room for my appointment to finish
I go alone
Have you ever had braces?
Yes, I used to have them
Yes, I do have them
No, but I'm getting them
No, I don't need them
What would you prefer? You have to choose one!
Having a dental examination and then treatment recorded for a video that will be uploaded onto YouTube for training purposes (your face and name displayed on camera)
Having all of your dental examinations and treatments in front of classes for the next five years (your face on show and your name on the whiteboard)
How do you find the right dentist for you?
Online reviews
Asking friends and family
Going to whatever one is closest
Booking appointments with multiple dentists to see what one suits your needs best
If your appointment is in a Dental Bus/Van, do you ever have it come to your home?
Yes, it is parked in my driveway and I go in there to be examined and have treatment if needed
Yes, it is parked out the front of my house, and I go in the bus to be examined and have treatment if needed
Yes, they Park it in my garage and I just go into the bus to be examined and have treatment if needed.
never experienced this and wouldn't like to
Never experienced this but would like to
Imagine this: you're having an examination at home (inside or outside in the dental bus/van) and the dentist tells you they need to drill some teeth. You know your neighbours will be able to hear the drill. Do you...
Feel humiliated that your neighbours know you're having your teeth drilled
Feel embarrassed that your whole neighbourhood will know that you haven't been taking care of your teeth
Feel excited that your neighbours know what you're experiencing
Invite your neighbours to come and watch
Feel fine about it all. It's a part of life.
Do you like feeling the numbing shots?
Yes, it's an enjoyable feeling
Yes, it feels weird
I don't mind it
No, I don't want to feel it at all
I've never been numbed.
I prefer to not be numbed
Do you prefer to have your face covered (but it's a hole for the mouth) during treatment?
Yes, it stops anything from touching my face
Yes, I like to not see anything during treatment
I don't mind, either way
No, I don't like the feeling of something over my face
No, I want to see what is happening
What would you prefer? You have to answer!
All teeth drilled and filled, including healthy teeth for $20,000. You'd be given many numbing shots throughout. Video recording of the appointment will be made and put on the internet. You are not forced to visit the dentist again.
Bi-weekly thorough dental examinations for the rest of your life with the dentist having full consent to get on with treatment without asking or telling you first. If you don't attend an appointment, they will track you down and do the appointment right then and there. Treatment will only be what you need and will be at a discounted price.
What is your favourite memory of the dentist?
What is your most humiliating story at the dentist?
During your last dental appointment, you had...
Teeth drilled and filled
Root canal
Crowns done
Tooth/teeth pulled
A deep cleaning
General examination and cleaning
Were you numbed?
Yes, just one injection
Yes, two injections
Yes, 3-4 injections
5+ injections
Are you going back soon for the following?
Root canal/s
Teeth/tooth to be pulled
Deep cleaning
No, I don't need to go back until my next routine examination
What position do you prefer to be examined in?
Completely sitting upright with the dentist sitting opposite me
Reclined slightly
Reclined back to a horizontal position
Completely sitting upright with my head tilted right back, with the dentist standing behind me
Tell me your perfect exam or treatment scenario.
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