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Slippers for Christmas

Did anyone else receive the gift of new slippers for Christmas? I did, and I was delighted with the gift. I usually wear slippers in the house anyway
Did you receive one (or more) pairs of slippers for a Christmas gift?
Yes I did
No I didn't (then why take this poll?)
No I didn't, and I'm disappointed that I didn't
OK assuming you did get new slippers for Christmas, how did that make you feel?
Great - I love them!
OK, not really bothered
Disappointed - I was hoping for something else (socks?)
Did you already have any slippers?
Yes - and they are trashed, so this is a useful replacement
Yes - though they are still in good condition
No - I didn't have any slippers already
Did you specifically ask for new slippers for a Christmas gift?
No - they were an unexpected surprise
Yes - I asked my parents/spouse/partner/children/friends for a new pair
Did you get the style or type you asked for?
Yes - exactly what I wanted
No - I got a style different from what I wanted
No - I wasn't specific about style/colour, I just asked "Can you buy me some new slippers please?"
Do you normally wear slippers when at home?
Yes - change into slippers straight away when I arrive home
Yes - change into slippers at some point after I arrive home
Yes, sort of - I sometimes change into slippers, sometimes not, depending on circumstances and how I feel
Do you have "house rules" regarding footwear worn indoors?
Yes - rules are everyone who comes in must at least take their shoes off before entering
Yes - rules for family only are that at least shoes must be taken off before entering
Yes - rules are that family must all wear their slippers in the house
Yes - rules are that family must stay in socks in the house
Yes - rules are that family must take off shoes and socks, and stay in bare feet in the house
Not really any rules
What about strangers or friends? Do they have to follow any rules?
Yes, all individuals must at least remove shoes before entering. Wearing socks is OK
Yes - strangers or friends must remove shoes and wear slippers provided
Yes, friends must take off shoes and socks before entering and stay in bare feet
Yes, friends and even strangers must remove shoes and socks and stay in bare feet
Friends only need to follow the rules, but strangers can come in wearing shoes
Assuming you (and maybe your family, and possibly friends too) do wear slippers in your home, how do you tend to wear them?
I wear them with socks
I wear them without socks
It varies - depending on how cold it is, and how I feel and the circumstances etc
Have you ever bought some slippers for someone as a gift? (Christmas, birthday etc)
Yes - and they loved them!
Yes - and they hated them
Yes - and they weren't really bothered either way
No - never bought slippers as a gift
Do your friends also wear slippers in their own homes?
Yes - their house rules
Yes - their own choice
No, not really... or some do and some don't
Are you required to wear slippers in any family or friends homes?
Yes - their rules, and I take my slippers with me to wear there
Yes - not their rules, but I prefer to wear slippers in their home
No, not really
How do you feel about wearing slippers in the home?
I think it's great. I've always worn slippers in the house. I approve of those who wear slippers at home
I think it's OK, I don't mind
I don't particularly like it, but accept it
I hate it, I hate wearing slippers in the house, but I've no choice as it's the rules. I'd sooner stay in my outdoor shoes/socks/bare feet instead
Now about you - where are you from?
Rest of Europe
Someplace else
Prefer not to say
What age range are you?
Under 18
30 and above
What is your gender?
Prefer not to say
This poll was created on 2021-01-02 12:15:41 by johnthomas725