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How do you take care of your beard?

Here at beardagent.com we are striving to find out about how men take care of their personal grooming. We look forward to hearing your responses! For all your grooming and cleaning products, check out beardagent.com
Do you do your own beard and mustache grooming or do you go to a professional?
I do my own.
If you do your own, do you use any balms, oils or shampoos?
If you do use these products, how often do you use them?
Where do you purchase these products?
Do you own a trimmer?
Would you purchase a trimmer online?
Would you consider purchasing your products from BeardAgent.com
Do you have any suggestions for our site? Products, design, etc? We appreciate your input!
This poll was created on 2021-09-01 16:11:34 by wylinator9999