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Do you support another lockdown in England?

If you live in England, do you support another lockdown, as the "Independent" "news"paper claims?
Please confirm you live in England?
Do you support yet another lockdown (despite the damage already caused by lockdowns)?
Yes, I support another lockdown even though easing from the last one was supposed to be irreversible
No, I do not support another lockdown. They have caused enough damage already and we can't keep doing this.
Should Boris Johnson be prosecuted for his frequent lies about lockdowns, masks, etc. (e.g. claiming there wasn't going to be one and then imposing one) for malfeasance in public office (or misconduct in public office) or similar?
Yes. He has brought the UK Government into disrepute and eroded any trust in the Office of Prime Minister
No - I do not care about the fact he has eroded trust in the Office of Prime Minister
Will you follow the rules of another lockdown?
No. The police deserve no respect, as they claim not to have cops available when there are real crimes yet found thousands to harass people for not wearing masks. They have also proven, throughout the past nearly 2 years, to be violent bullies and not peace keepers of any sort. The fact that they may be the only option in an emergency (to at least turn up, if they can be bothered, and scare people off) doesn't change those facts.
Yes - I am a sheep. I do what my master's say while they jet around ignoring their own rules and imposing illogical nonsense on the population while manipulating figures to frighten people.
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