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research for story about a place here women live under male guardianship

A remote village in a mountain area presided over by Head Elder Judah Souter and the elder's council. Women have few rights, and are kept under authority of male heads of house. And like many other places the valley of Whispering Wind has its dark secrets. Trying to write it, maybe as a commercial book, self-published. What would you like to see?
Who actually rules the area and its apparent patriarchy?
select teenagers
Who actually rules the area and its apparent patriarchy?
select teenagers
Pick an opening scene
A captured woman ia hung by her wrists from a tree limb, naked. The elder has her sons punish her.
Openoing: Charla Howe arguing with her father about her uncle's promising her in marriage to Bobby Lee gravgelle, her position only her father should have that right.
Charla's position she should determine her boyfriend and mate
Arrival of widowed Carly Jones in town with her three sons, as they slwoly begin to take in the local culture.
Peter is Carly's eldest son. A relation ship will grow between him and Charla.
He encourages her to free herself from this culture.
She entives him to join their way of doing things.
She wants him to challenge Bobby Lee Gravelle for her.
They make out in her room.
Carly slowly becomes aware of the local culture. ALso area mechanic Cal is interested inn her.
Carly and Cal debate teh pro's and cons of the culture.
Carly closed mindedly rejects local culture.
She accepts local culture, and Cal as her guardian.
Before taking her, Cal must have Peter's permission.
Peter and his mom's relationship.
Both are repulsed by the situation. ANd, with Charla, try to escape.
Peter accepts situation, his mom does not. He is encouraged by others to control her.
Carly and Peter accept and adjust to situation.
Peter begins to discipline his mother.
A widower himself, Cal has a fifteen year old, Rusty.
Rusty gets suggestive pictures of Carly and gives them away until his father makes him stop.
Father permits Rusy to keep and sell pics.
Cal encourages his son to make friends with Carly's boys. He does. SEcond eldest at fifteen, Sammy is attracted to a young woman. Rusty encourages him to take her.
Rusty is permitted to discipline Carly.
Rusty not permitted to discipline until she and Cal are married.
What happens when Peter first meets the local teens?
The llocal boys want to take his measure, and they get into a fight.
After fight, he is accepted into their little group.
NO fight, they get together and talk.
They fight and don't accept Peter.
Bobby Lee had threatened to beat up anyone who so much as glanced at Charla, but he's away.
After Peter arrives, they start wondering why they're listening to Bobby
Bibby's words are ignored from the beginning.
the boys decide Bobby has no right to her, because her father did not arrange the hook up.
The boys think she belongs to Bobby.
Charla's hand comes down to a last man standing game called King of the Mountain.
Charla encourages it, loves the idea.
Defiant, Charla refuses to abide by results.
Peter is last man standing.
Bobby is last man standing and whips Charla.
Teh fat kid is last man standing.
somebody else
What are you thoughts? Should play with the dominance and violence more or less? If you feel Carly accepts the local culture why does she?
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