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Compulsory aprons

I'm a middle aged woman who owns a goat farm. I've always worn full skirted ankle length dresses and full skirted pinafore aprons. In my household all women and girls must wear a long dress and well covering apron. I hired some employees to help in the business and created uniforms for them: overalls for men, dresses and aprons for women. Most are fine with this, but one woman complained that I am reinforcing gender stereotypes by requiring her to wear an apron. That may be true, but it's my business and I want to set standards. I want to know if other people think I'm being undreasonable in having a compulsory apron rule?
Is my uniform requirement reasonable?
Should I let her wear overalls?
This poll was created on 2022-02-03 09:19:43 by Gina Hopwood