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Ladies who wrestle

I am curious to hear back from the women out there that are into participating in wrestling matches. The questions that follow cover a variety of types of wrestling match types, what you get out of it, and how you feel about things like mixed or intergender matches.
What is your approximate age?
How would you describe yourself physically? (in terms of height, build, whether you are athletic or not, etc.)
What types of clothing do you prefer to wear for a wrestling match?
What kind of matches do you most enjoy?
Pro-mission (Submission matches with some pro-style moves)
No Holds Barred
What are some of your favorite moves to use during a match?
How competitive do you like your matches to be?
Very competitive! I want to go all out!
Competitive, but no all out.
Light or semi-competitive only.
Just fantasy. Not real competition.
What is your favorite way to end a match?
Making my opponent tap out in a submission hold!
Covering my opponent for the pin, one! two! three!
Last man/woman standing! I like to wrestle until one of us too exhausted to continue the match!
I actually like to lose. Make me tap out!
I actually like to lose. Pin me for the three-count!
Does the idea of wrestling in a pro ring appeal to you?
Definitely! I have even wrestled in a ring before and I love it!
Sure, I have not done it but the idea is definitely exciting!
I would try it out, but I am not sure it would make a huge difference to me.
No, I have wrestled in a ring and I prefer on mats or on mattress.
No, I only wrestle on mats or on a mattress.
What about wrestling in a cage match?
I have done that, or something like that, and it was awesome!
Sure, that is awesome and I would love to try it!
Maybe I would with the right opponent.
I am neutral about that idea.
I am not so interested but maybe could be talked into trying it.
No way, that is crazy.
Who do you usually wrestle?
With my friends, women only.
With my friends, both men and women.
With my friends, men only.
On a wrestling team or club, women only.
On a wrestling team or club, both men and women.
On a wrestling team or club, men only.
With my boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other only.
Do you prefer to wrestle men or women. If you have a preference, please indicate why.
I love wrestling with guys!
I usually wrestle other women, but I also wrestle men, or certain men, sometimes.
I only wrestle other women, sorry guys!
I will wrestle men or women - no preferences.
Would you ever consider wrestling someone you met on the internet? Why or why not? What conditions would have to be met for you to consider it?
If you were challenged by a guy to a pro-style wrestling match, would you accept? (If you are answering with the last option, please specify in which type of match you might prefer to wrestle him)
Sure! Ring the bell and bring it on!
Maybe, it depends on the guy.
No, I do not wrestle with men.
No, I do not like pro-style matches, but I might take him on in another style match.
Would you be into taking part in an intergender tag match?
Yes! Especially teams of girls against guys.
Yes, but with mixed teams. Girls and guys can both fight each other though.
Sure, but with mixed teams, and only girls wrestling girls/guys wrestling guys.
Would you wrestle a man in a handicap match (two girls against one guy)?
Sure, sounds like fun although it would not be fair for the guy!
Yes, and I would be more likely to take part in that than a singles or intergender tag match.
No, I only want to wrestle one-on-one or in a tag team match.
No, I do not wrestle guys.
Hypothetical match question - I am a 5 ft 11 in, 180 lb. guy, in good shape with a solid build (I also happen to have long hair, which might matter in the next question). If we were pretty good friends and I decided to ask you for match, how would you react?
And the hypothetical match - if you were willing, what sort of match would you like it to be and how do you think it would go?
What it is it about wrestling that you personally find the most enjoyable?
And let me know how you liked the poll!
This poll was created on 2022-03-08 23:46:49 by 123pnd