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Death Battle Extravaganza!

For fans of the hypothetical concept of death battle, usually between fictional characters from various mediums all put into the same game. Are you ready? Let's GO!
First up... Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones franchise going up against John McClane of the Die Hard franchise. Which of these two takes the win?
Indiana Jones
John McClane
Next up.. Lara Croft (specifically Angelina Jolie's version) of the Tomb Raider films vs. Beatrix Kiddo, aka "The Bride" from the Kill Bill film series. Which one of these two ladies comes out on top?
Lara Croft
Beatrix Kiddo
3rd up... the zombified version of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise going up against the boogeyman, known as Michael Myers, aka "The Shape" from the Halloween franchise. Which one of these two slashers takes the cake?
Jason Voorhees
Michael Myers
And now... your friendly neighborhood webhead, known as Spider-Man going up against General Grievous from the Star Wars franchise. Which of these mighty titans takes the win?
General Grievous
5th round... Harry Callahan from the Dirty Harry series vs. Martin Riggs from the Lethal Weapon series. Which of these two vigilante law enforcers gets to go home.. alive?
Harry Callahan
Martin Riggs
Next up... It's Kim Possible from her TV show of the same name .. going up against, Black Cat from the short-lived Spectacular Spider-Man (2008) TV series. Which of the two highly-trained and gifted heroines takes the win?
Kim Possible
Black Cat
Okay... so which of these two highly-skilled masked vigilantes wins? The man without fear, aka Daredevil or the all white-costumed version of Batman known as, Moon Knight?!
Moon Knight
Between these two bad guys, which one comes out on top as the top dog in this death battle.. and gets to live another day? Darth Maul from Star Wars or ... Carnage from the Spider-Man rogue gallery?
Darth Maul
Next up... between these two video game beauties, which of the two takes the other down for the count.. permanently? Hitomi of the Dead or Alive (DOA) series or... Nina Williams of the Tekken series.
Nina Williams
Which of these two OP / highly-powerful opponents win in a battle to the death.. Juggernaut (foe of the X-Men) from the Marvel Comics or.. Mongul (foe of Superman) from DC Comics.
Which of these two silent fighters takes the win in an all out fight to the mortal end? Snake Eyes of the G.I. Joe series or... Karl Ruprecht Kroenen from Hellboy.
Snake Eyes
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Okay... simply... Jak from Jak & Daxter, the video game series, or.. Earthworm Jim of the Earthworm Jim video game series? Which of these two heroes wins in a death battle?
Earthworm Jim
Now... Which one of these two warriors takes the head of the other in a battle to the bitter end? Ragnar Lothbrok from the tv series, Vikings... or Leonidas from the movie, 300?
Ragnar Lothbrok
How about... Lois Lane from Smallville (yes, this specific) vs. Veronica Miles from Agent Cody Banks (yes, the Frankie Muniz movie from the early 2000's) in an all-out fight to the finish, who comes out on top?
Lois Lane
Veronica "Ronica" Miles
Once again, another video game battle to the death... Spyro.. the Dragon, from the.. Spyro video game series, going up against... Sly Cooper of the Sly Cooper video game series. Which takes it?
Spyro the Dragon
Sly Cooper
Here we go again... Prince Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z or.. Spawn from Image Comics? Which titan of badassery takes the win?!
Alright... so why not.. Sonya Blade (movie-versions) of the Mortal Kombat franchise or Buffy Summers from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer tv series. Which blonde gets the win?
Sonya Blade
Buffy Summers
Once again in the horror section of it all... who takes the cake? Matthew Cordell of the Maniac Cop film series or Harry Warden of My Bloody Valentine slasher flick? Which of these two maniacs comes out alive and continues their body count career?
Matthew Cordell
Harry Warden
With this one... which one of these two femme fatales comes out alive after a random encounter... to the... death?! Talia al Ghul from DC Comics or Baroness.. from G.I. Joe?
Talia al Ghul
This is the last one, I swear.. Samurai Jack or... Wolverine?
Samurai Jack
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