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Human Spay and Neuter

I noticed in another poll that there seem to be plenty of people who would be okay with the idea of spay/neuter practices being applied to themselves. I want to explore this a bit farther
Do you feel that someone, other than yourself, should be able to have you sterilized. (Castration for Males, Spaying for Females)
No (please skip to the last question)
If yes, then who
Mother/Female guardian
Father/Male guardian
School official
City official
State official
Federal official
Religious official
If you answered yes to the first question, should you be allowed the choice of hormone replacement?
Yes, the option to have replacement hormones is vital
No, the choice should lie with the person(s) from the previous question
What is your gender
Biological Male
Biological Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Female
Your gender is not listed
This poll was created on 2022-03-10 15:41:09 by SimpleBloke