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Corona virus

Questions on the virus.
How did the virus start?
In a wet market.
In a lab thanks to Fauci funding
Which will give you better immunity to the virus in the future?
Getting covid and recovering
Getting the Fauci ouchie
Did Pfizer make a banned chicken food with arsenic for factory chicken farms?
Don't know.
Yes, I read the news article a while back
No, they would never do something like that
Does Pfizer care more about your health or profits?
They love their super yachts a bit more
They care about me
Bill Gates hung out with Epstine because of philanthropy....?
Yes, he is such a wonderful person.
No there were other reasons.
We will never know.
Why do politicians take their masks off when speaking but not teachers?
Politicians have such wonderful faces that we all want to see them.
Rules for thee and not for me
I never thought about that
This poll was created on 2022-03-16 18:51:32 by JonPoll