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Where do you pee in the cinema?

When you go to the cinema to watch a film, where do you pee?
Before you go in to the auditorium, while you are waiting and you need to pee, do you:-
Hold it.
Find a toilet.
Discreetly pee down your legs.
Discreetly squat and pee.
Find a dark corner and pee there.
Pee in your nappy.
You are in the auditorium watching the film and need to pee. Do you:-
Hold it, you will be fine as you have a huge bladder.
Hold it and hope nothing leaks out.
Leave your seat to find a toilet.
Leave your seat to find a dark corner to pee in.
Undress enough to pee on the floor or on the back of the seat in front of you.
Just pee in your seat, you are OK wetting yourself.
Sit in a different seat and pee there.
Pee in your nappy.
When buying a drink in the cinema do you think:-
I don't want to have to pee I will have a small one.
I don't want to pee, but I am thirsty so I will have a big one.
I will probably have to go to the toilet so I will have a big one anyway.
Even if I have a small one I will wet myself so I will have a big one.
I have already wet myself standing in the queue so I will get a big one anyway.
The drinks in the cinema are too expensive so I will skip the drink.
I have preloaded because the drinks are too expensive, and my bladder is about to burst already.
This poll was created on 2022-04-08 14:18:10 by paulypeeps