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Girls have you ever knocked out a guy

Would like to know if stuff like this really happens!
Girls- have you ever knocked a guy out?
Girls- if you have knocked a guy out how tall are you?
5'0 or under
5'1 to 5'4
5'5 to 5'8
5'9 or taller
How old were you when you did it?
13 or under
Older than 30
How did you knock him out?
I slapped him across the face!
I punched him out!
I kicked or kneed him in the face!
I kicked him in the balls!
Please pick one or more of the following items- what kind of marks or damage did you do?
I gave him a black eye!
I gave him a bloody nose!
I broke his jaw!
Other- please describe at the end...
Were there people watching?
Did you do anything to humiliate him after he was knocked out? If so please describe.
How much do you weigh?
Under 100 pounds
Over 140
Finally please describe what happened in detail thanks!!!
This poll was created on 2022-04-25 10:16:44 by chuckie1974