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Avatar the Last Airbender Ultimate Ship Poll

Click ships that you actually support please.
Zuko and Katara- Zutara
Zuko and Mai- Maiko
Zuko and Sokka- Zukka
Zuko and Jin- Jinko
Zuko and Aang- Zukaang
Zuko and Toph- Toko
Zuko and Jet- Jetko
Zuko and Suki- Zuki
Zuko and Suki and Sokka- Suzukki
Sokka and Suki- Sukka
Sokka and Yue- Yukka
Sokka and Toph- Tokka
Sokka and Ty Lee- Ty Lokka
Sokka and Azula- Sokkla
Sokka and Aang- Sokang
Sokka and Jet- Jetokka
Toph and Aang- Taang
Toph and Katara- Katoph
Katara and Aang- Kataang
Katara and Haru- Harutara
Katara and Suki- Sutara
Katara and Azula- Azutara
Azula and Ty Lee- Tyzula
Azula and Mai- Maizula
Azula and Suki- Azuki
Suki and Ty Lee- Tyuki
This poll was created on 2022-05-21 19:05:49 by Kenkari4ever