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Hitting a toddler - Yes or No?

Are u pro or against to hit a toddler ?
Are you a parent ?
yes, with a toddler / toddlers
yes, but my child / children are no toddlers
Hitting a toddler ?
Yes, i do. / Yes, i am going to do. / Yes, i would do.
No (thank you. the rest oft the question is more for people, which (would) do it)
if you are hitting a toddler or you did it at anytime - boy or girl?
if you are hitting a toddler or you did it at anytime - how often?
only once
on average a few times per year
on average a few times per month
on average weekly
on average more times in a week
on average daily
on average a few times per day
you hit / would hit ...
... the buttocks
... the hands
... the arm
... the legs
... the face-cheeks
... the feets
... the back
... the belly
... other area
i ...
... use the hitings more as a sign and not to produce pain
... am relativ strict, and when i hit a toddler, it is including that he/she has pain
... am strict and i want that my / the toddler has to suffer when i hit it
the youngest age i hit / i would hit
younger than 1,5
1,5 - 2
how do u hit?
i give the toddler one or a few hits
i hit the toddler directly more times
i give the toddler a "right spanking"
Using a implent?
Yes, often
yes, rarely
yes, sometimes
yes, ever - what du u use?
which toddlers need more slaps?
no different
just as the situation gives it
bare butt
t-shirt off - with undies
T-Shirt off - without undies
I am a
man but no dad
women but no mother
This poll was created on 2022-06-24 15:29:53 by Neu