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Chastity belts in prison

Many female convicts complain of unwanted sexual advances while in prison. Others become overly listless and unfocused because of an addiction to self pleasure. Is it time to make hygienic and comfortable chastity belts mandatory for all female prisoners?
Should chastity belts be mandatory for all female convicts?
On occasions
If female convicts wear chastity belts, should they be given occasional sexual relief?
Yes, at least weekly
Yes, monthly
Only on their birthday
If you allow female convicts occasional relief, who should grant it?
The prisoner, with another inmate
The prisoner, using her hands
The prison guard, using remote control
The prison guard, using his hands
The prison guard, through sexual contact
She should not be allowed relief at all
Should the belt be fitted with an electrode for punishment and control purposes?
This poll was created on 2022-07-08 13:24:34 by Martin_Howard