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Spanking of toddler/child

Sind Sie Vater oder Mutter eines kleinen Kindes (oder von Kindern im Allgemeinen)? how do u spank ?
You are?
I have ... child/children
more than 5
I have
a Boy
a girl
Boys and girls
My child(ren) is/are
1 years
younger than 1
11 +
I dont spank
I started hitting/spanking my kids/my child as early as possible
I start at age2
I start at age 3
i start at age 4
I start at age 5
they were older than 5
A single smack on the butt makes my toddler ...
... sobbing
... whining
... crying
... that he/she holds his buttocks and looks at the floor in embarrassment
... screaming
having tears
I hitting my child
a few times a day
a few times per week
once a day
a few times per month
maybe once a week
3-5 times per month
fewer than 1-3 times per month
all few month
How hard do you hit each slap relative to your child's age?
not so harsh
normal - it should hurt a bit
strongly, so thath it hurts
very strong, so it hurts a lot
very yery hard, it should cause pain a lot
very lighty
do give only spanking (a few to many slaps on the back/thigths) or do u also give single (a few) smacks?
only single smacks
single or 2-5 smacks
both single slaps and spankings
only short spankings
only good spankings
i give spankings...
on the butt
nude skin / only on underpants
only on bare/nude skin
only completely nude body
only in underpants
only on clothes/diapers
between 5 and 10 hits
between 11 and 20 hits
between 21 and 30 hits
between 31 and 40 hits
40 + hits
When i spank i use
my hand
a belt
a wooden spoon
a lether paddle
a wooden paddle
a hairbrush
a whip
a cane
a flyswatter
a slipper
After spanking
brake and another spanking
gorunding time in nursey
directly into bed without eating
making ready for bed
cornert time / stand in front of wall
sitting on a chair
directly cuddeling and comforting
threaten wirh next punishment
after (for example nursey or corner time) comforting and cuddeling
at what place you spank?
in privat at home - everywhere in the house
everywhere at home, also on the balcony or garden
in the nursey
in the kitchen
in the bathroom
in the livingroom
in a punishmentsrrom
also in public but only on a play ground or in a park
in public only in car
in public also in the supermarket or something like that
in public only in restroom or other quite places
in public never nude / with object
in public never nude / only by hand
in public also nude / no object
in public also nude and with object
I give singel slaps on
the butt
the thights
the hands
the legs
the face-cheeks
the back
the arm
the stomatch
i give single slaps
only at home
at home also on the balcony / in the garden
also on playgrounds or in parks
also in public
in public, only on quite places
in car
This poll was created on 2022-07-14 08:24:40 by Neu