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do any girls still wear school knickers

insight into school uniform control
how old are you
under 10
10 to 12
12 to 14
14 to 16
are school knickers compulsory at your school
what colour do you wear
navy blue
what material are they made of
i wear both
other material
do you wear school knickers at other times
i always wear them
only for school
not worried if i have them on or not
what style do you wear
traditional double back panel
older type but single layer.
more up to date brief type
my sister wore old double back panel ones, only because some teachers wouldnt let them use the toilets during lessons, and she could wee herself quite a bit without anyone knowing, have you ever tried this
yes once
several times
i do it quite a lot
she also use to carry plastic pants in her bag to put on over her knickers if she had to wet a lot, is this something you would do
i would if i had some
i do use plastic pants over my knickers sometimes
i wear plastic pants over my knickers quite often
as an alternative to last question, would you consider wearing a nappy or pull up to school.
no never
i have worn a nappy to school once or twice.
i wear them quite often because its better than wet knickers
finally dose anyone know you wet a bit at school/use plastic pants or wear nappies
my school friend because she dose it to
my friend thogh she dose not do it
my mum
my dad
my sister
my brother
This poll was created on 2022-07-22 12:02:36 by rick52