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Chaste Upbringing

Since I was a teen, I was thinking about how it would have been if I asked my parents to be kept chaste. I wonder how other feel about this.
Would you have asked your parents to be kept chaste?
If yes, why would you have asked this?
Desire to stay pure
Waiting for marriage
Fetishistic reasons
Wanting to focus on studies/life
Help to motivate to help around the home
As a sign of affection
Would you agree to be chaste if your parents would ask you?
How would it be enforced?
Chastity Belt/Cage
No Enforcement/Trust
Locked on Pants
Humiliating Body Writing
Chemical agents
No privacy / Constant surveilance
Medical Procedure
If you could ask for them, would there be more differences?
Yes, stricter rules
Yes, less rules
Yes, harsher punishments
Yes, softer punishments
Yes, more chores
Yes, less chores
Yes, dress code
Yes, no dress code
Yes, other
I keep this short. So if you have a story or feed back to share, then this is your place. Thanks for participating :)
This poll was created on 2022-10-16 02:23:08 by ChasteSoul