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Who cleans the house dare game

A quick 'dare game' poll to play with your spouse. Challenge your spouse to a game: it could be something as simple as tossing a coin or playing rock-paper-scissors, or something with more of an element of skill. The LOSER rolls a dice and must spend 10 minutes cleaning the house for each pip showing (e.g. roll a 4 = 40 minutes cleaning). When the dice has been rolled, the loser can either accept their lost and clean, or attempt to 'double down'. If they double down, play another round. If the loser wins this second round, BOTH spouses must clean for the appropriate time. If the loser loses again however, they must do an additional forfeit as well as cleaning!
Who found or suggested this game
Both of us
Someone else sent us the idea/link
What game did you play
Was this a game of chance or a game of skill
Entirely chance based
Mostly chance based
About equal elements of chance and skill
Mostly skill based
Entirely skill based
Who won the game
What was the dice-roll/how much cleaning does the loser have to do
1/10 minutes
2/20 minutes
3/30 minutes
4/40 minutes
5/50 minutes
6/1 hour
Did the loser 'double down'
Yes and they won (both spouses clean)
Yes and they lost (loser does additional forfeit)
What was the forfeit
Loser did not have to do a forfeit
More cleaning!
Another chore (e.g. cooking dinner)
Something silly or embarrassing (e.g. cleaning while wearing a costume)
Something romantic (e.g. winner gets their choice of date-night or activity, loser has to do something nice for the winner)
Physical activity (e.g. loser has to work out or do some exercises)
Loser acts as waiter/maid for the winner
Loser gets messy or gunged
An intimate forfeit (use your imagination!)
Something else
On a scale of 1-10, how 'intense' was the forfeit
0 - loser did not have to do a forfeit
1 - hardly at all
10 - extremely intense
Would you be so kind to check out my other polls
Yes, but I didn't see any that appealed to me
Yes, I completed one or more (which)
Anything else to add about this game or my other polls
This poll was created on 2023-02-03 12:50:35 by Married Intimacy Pollster