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Which day is the Sabbath day?

There is disagreement amongst people about which day is the Sabbath day. Most Christians would say it's Sunday, but people like the Seventh Day Adventists, Worldwide Church of God, and Jews would say it's Saturday. Then there are the Muslims who say it's Friday. Does it matter? Is there any Sabbath at all? Have your say right here!
Which day is the Sabbath?
One of the other days
There is a Sabbath, but it doesn't matter which day you keep
There is no Sabbath
Does the Bible make it clear which day is the Sabbath?
Yes, the Bible makes it crystal clear - it's Sunday
Yes, the Bible makes it crystal clear - it's Saturday
No, the Bible doesn't make it clear. If it did there'd be no disagreement
How strictly should Christians keep the Sabbath?
Very strictly (do no work whatsoever)
Fairly strictly (allow acts of necessity and mercy)
Moderately (allow electricity, cooking etc. but not your normal work)
Allow most things, but not your normal occupation
Allow any kind of work on the Sabbath
There is no Sabbath
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