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Test your "Fat Fingers" Scam Awareness II

Just one digit off 1 – (800) – BELLSOUTH® or 1 – (800) FAIRCALL® "...could cost your dear ones dearly!" --- As seen on NBC's "Today" show.
Which of the following is most similar to 1 (800) BELLSOUTH®? (Note: SPRINT owns 100% of "ASC Telecom, Inc.")
1 – (800) – BBELLSOUTH (2 B's) (Answered by Sprint)
1 – (800) – BELLOSUUTH (Answered by Sprint)
1 – (800) – BELLS0OUTH (Zero) (Answered by Sprint)
Which is most similar to 1 - (800) FAIRCALL®? (Note: SPRINT owns 100% of "ASC Telecom, Inc.")
1 – (800) – FAIRCLL (Answered by Sprint)
1 – (800) – FFAIRCA (Answered by Sprint)
1 – (800) – FAIRRCA (Answered by Sprint)
1 – (800) – FAIRCAA (Answered by Sprint)
1 – (800) – FAIRCAT (Answered by Sprint)
What is the opening line of the Sprint "Fat Fingers" knockoff number scam when the unsuspecting victim calls? (Recently added question) (Note: ASC Telecom is 100% owned by Sprint)
"Welcome to Sprint"
"ASC Telecom, 100% owned by Sprint Corporation"
"ASC Telecom, you misdialed, even so, no calls placed without stating actual rates beforehand"
"ASC Telecom, as seen on NBC's 'Today' show"
"Please enter the area code and telephone number you are calling"
Whose bottom line is puffed from the fat fingers knockoff scam? (Note: SPRINT owns 100% of "ASC Telecom, Inc.")
Kampala Bell, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lake Victoria Regional Telephone Company.
Greenland Telephone Corp. of Denmark, AG.
DBL Milk'em, Inc.
Toll-4-Whom, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Compania de Segovia Espana, AG.
Sprint Corporation.
How much more than 1 (800) COLLECT® was charged when the knock-off number was accidentally called?
5% more
20% more
50% more
100% more
265% more
The Sprint Corporation [NYSE: FON] Annual Report confirms that Sprint owns 100% of which Corporation?
Empowerment for Americans with Parkinson's Disease
Protecting Kids Who Call Home for a Ride, Inc.
Americans with Dyslexia Research Foundation
Consumer Protection League for Measured FTC-FCC Common Carrier Regulation
ASC Telecom, Inc.
How did you learn of the Sprint "Fat Fingers" Scam?
NBC News'
NBC News'
NBC Nightly News April 6, 2002
The Kansas City Star April 11, 2002 (Knight Ridder)
The Buffalo News, April 16, 2002 (Berkshire Hathaway)
House Appropriations Subcommittee for Commerce Justice State Judiciary
Communications Daily (Warren Publishing)
Message Board
You are a victim and learned the hard way
You are a creator of the scam and learned while making money ripping consumers off
F'dC.com (Thanks Pud...)
Mr. Poll
The Sprint "Fat Fingers" scam most takes advantage of which group?
The Elderly
Americans With Disabilities
All of the Above
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