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A strong, self-confident Woman, so much learned and brilliant in Philosophy Neoplatonism), Mathematics, Astronomy and Religions of the World, that She was worshiped by the most intelligent men of her time, has died in 415 in Alexandria, killed by a morb of 500 fanatics christians, whose chief was...Saint Cyril

Do you knew who was Hypatia?

28% (2) Yes
71% (5) No

7 voters have answered this question.

Who has done more Martyres?

0% (0) Paganism
40% (2) Christianity
20% (1) Christianism, by far
0% (0) Judaísm
40% (2) Islamism
0% (0) More Eastern Religions

5 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2003-12-19 17:34:51 by jpverbeck
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