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Who (or what) are "gentiles?"

Who do you think the Bible is referring to when it speaks of the "gentiles?"
Who does the Bible refer to when it reads, "gentiles?"
The pagan nations of the world.
Anyone who is not a Jew.
The Israelites dispersed among the nations.
The Canaanites.
None of the above.
How were/are the "gentiles" saved?
Through adoption into the Body of Christ.
By being made part of the One New Man.
By fleeing to Pella as Jesus warned.
By being baptized into His body.
None of the above.
Who are the "gentiles" today?
Anyone who is not a Jew.
Anyone who is not a Mormon.
There are no "gentiles" today.
Everyone is a "gentile."
None of the above.
When will the "gentiles" cease to exist?
After the Battle of Armageddon.
When Jesus returns.
They have already ceased to exist.
They will never cease to exist.
None of the above.
This poll was created on 2002-08-27 14:04:13 by FireByNite