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What YOU think

hey everyone. well, i wanted to see how people feel about different religions and how acceptent we are here. everyone's oppinon counts! please answer honestly and maybe you will learn something too.
First of all, what is YOUR religion? (excuse my spelling, i try)
Athiest (not a religion but ya know)
other (im sorry, i couldnt name them all though.)
how strongly do you believe in your religion?
very strongly, anything else is immoral
strongly, but im open minded
eh, im not sure about anything anymore
what are your views on the occult (paganism)?
im christian and it is evil
im not christian but its dumb
i am pagan
its the only way and christians/any1 else are evil
What do you even know about paganism?
ive studied it alot and it is still evil
honestly, i know nothing but its evil
i know nothing but dont care, whatever
its cool, i know lots about it
What are your views on christianity?
i am a born again christian! its the only way.
i think it sucks personally
whatever is right for you, its not for me but i dont care
i think christians arepompous and need to butt out of society and let eveyone alone
do you know what Taoism is?
yes its my religion
yes and its intersting
yes and it is wrong
do you know that (real) satanists dont believe in satan?
this is new to me! whateva
yes they do (no, they dont as far as im told)
i dont care what you say! its wrong and immoral you will all burn in hell!
yes i knew that. *snore*
im satanist so yeah i knew that
LAST QUESTION. do you often complain about people discriminating you for your religion, but unknowingly do it to others (i.e. calling them hethans, forcing your beliefs, saying that god doesnt exist, etc)?
no i would never
i hope i dont
i think i do
i do and rightfully so, my religion is the only way
This poll was created on 2002-06-24 20:34:22 by *~cute freaky girl~*