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is it constitutional?

due to the recent debate about the pledge of allegiance i have decided to ask some quistions about ather american exspresions of religion.
is it okay to make kids say the pledge in school
yes, all kids should
yes, we all should show our suport for our nation
yes, but they can sit it out
no, it's aginst the first amendment
no, it's just wrong
yes, but not the words 'under god'
i don't care
is it write for a judge, witness, member of congress , navel oficer the presidant exc. to say 'so help me god'(or what ever) or put their hand on the bible when sworn in?
yes, the should say it to their god
yes, if they want to
no, some people don't belive in god
it's there choice
it's fine by me
what is your religion?
no religion
how do you feel about the words 'in god we trust' on U.S. currency
who cares? you don't read money do you?
it's wrong, all americans don't feel that way
it shows that we, as a nation, belive in god
it just shows that the guy who sings it belives
i don't care
which of these choses do u think would be best to put on our currancy instead of 'in god we trust'
united we stand
the american soul is strong
the land of the free and the home of the brave
the land of opertunity
america is strong
the heart of america is the people
other(please post)
as it is
Is america a religous nation?
do you suport President Bush's faith based plans?
yes, all of them
yes, most of them
only a few
no, it's unconstitutional
no, they promote faith
why should i care?
is america a christian nation?
no, but it once was
no, and it never has been
no, we are the nation of diversity
yes, the devil warshipers won't change that
yes, always will always has been
yes, sence christ is the only lord
do you know of a better song to be the national antham? if so please post the name and liracs
This poll was created on 2002-06-30 14:36:31 by WICCA'S WARRIOR