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Are we living in the end times?

Questions on current events and on bible prophecy.
Are you a born-again christian?
I guess so.
Hell No.
Will Jesus return within the next 20 years?
Yes, his return is immenent.
I'm not sure.
I do not believe in the rapture.
I am not a christian.
Do you believe the rapture will happen before the coming of the anti-christ?
Yes, the rapture is immenent.
No, I believe in a Post-tribulation rapture?
Not sure.
I am a non-christian.
do you believe the events of 9-11 are a MAJOR sign of prophecy coming to light?
Sort of.
Not sure.
Do you believe in the mark of the beast as foretold in Revelation.
Yes, I believe Revelation is God's word on fore coming events.
No, Revelation is full of symbolisms and not necessarily actual events.
I am not sure.
I am not a christian.
If you believe in the mark of the beast, do you believe the mark will be visable or invisable.
Visable (a tatoo or piercing)
Invisable (Micro-chip under your skin)
Is Israel's current situation a result of bible prophecy coming to light?
No, it's Mankind's doing
Not sure
I am not a christian
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