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Posted in Mike Huckabee for President on 2007-08-26 14:06:20

Do you think "I believe in God" and "I believe in evolution" sets up a false choice? Some people believe in God and believe in science, you know. and some people believe in neither.

Posted in Which US President(s) do you know the LEAST about? on 2007-08-26 13:54:56

Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms, and is thus counted twice by many historians.

Posted in Have the democrats gone too far? on 2007-03-11 02:57:10

You have quotes, but you don't have any attributions.

Posted in Dunkin' Donuts vs. Krispy Kreme on 2007-03-11 02:49:38

Actually, I like Krispy Kreme, but I voted for Dunkins, because they're a little less unhealthy.

Posted in Who really built the great pyramids? on 2007-01-15 00:15:55

While I believe the Egyptians "made" the pyramids, it was really their slaves (from within and without Egypt) who did most of the work.