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Posted in Have you made such bets on sex and nudity? on 2003-12-16 21:55:41

I made a bet with a good friend of the same sex and lost. I had to get naked in front of him then take his p e n i s out of his pants and jerk it until he came all over my face.

Posted in FEMALE INCEST on 2003-12-09 16:58:49

I'm a seventeen year old guy, but I took this poll anyway. My little brother is 14 and we share a bedroom. We do sex stuff with each other all the time, like oral and $%!@ stuff. I like it when he comes in my mouth and I like to lick his dirty butt after he goes poo. He likes to lick my butt and stick his weenie in it.

Posted in Small bladders on 2003-12-09 16:49:35

Last year when I went to see LOTR The Two Towers I purposely wore an adult diaper because I knew it was a long movie and I knew I would have to pee during it. Sure enough, an hour and a half into the movie I had to pee, so I just let it loose and peed in the diaper. It felt great! Sometimes when I'm home alone I will pee myself on purpose because it feels so hot and sexy when my crotch gets all wet and warm. It makes me get erect then I jack off right afterwards.

Posted in Stripped in Public on 2003-09-24 22:30:39

========== In Reply To ========== I would like to hear all you experinces

I was pulled from the security line at the airport this past summer and was directed to a small room. Two men were present. They informed me that I was randomly picked for a full search and instructed me to disrobe down to my underwear. While I was disrobing, one of the men was searching through my clothes, and the other was watching me undress and smiling at me, making some small talk. I was standing there in my underwear, and they had me raise my arms over my head, then one of the men pulled the elastic strap on my boxers away from my body and looked down my front side. He looked for what seemed an eternity. They then instructed me to turn around, drop my underwear and bend over. I complied- the same man who looked down my front spread my buttocks apart and examined my anus (no insertion, just looked). This, unfortunately, caused me to get a very embarrassing erection. They apologized and told me to get dressed- never leaving the room. The entire procedure took about twenty minutes.

Posted in Holy Potty-Mouth, Batman®! on 2003-09-11 23:26:30


========== In Reply To ========== you so can tell its a catholic writing this

Catholic, Baptist, whatever... Some two thousand years ago an itinerant carpenter drops out of Rabbinical school and wanders into the desert, coming out a few days later claiming to have been tempted by the devil and that he is the messanger of God. He preaches a simple, good message that basically boils down to: "Forget the old religions and their ways, just do unto others as you would have done unto you. God is love, nothing else- we should emulate God in all we do." Well, he developes a following of twelve men and they start raising a little trouble with the local authorities for not following the state-prescribed religion and this itinerant carpenter gets himself sentanced to death. He gets put on a crucifix, only to go into a deep coma instead of dying. Because this happens on the Sabbath, the good Jews (who think he's dead) cannot touch his body and treat it for burial. So, they put him in cave and leave him until Sunday. They go to the cave on Sunday, and he's gone having awoke from the coma and found his twelve followers. He hangs on another thirty days or so, then eventually expires from his wounds. His followers, thinking he actually ROSE FROM THE DEAD instead of waking from a coma, start making up all sorts of nonsense about him because he must be not just a prophet, but the SON OF GOD since he rose from the dead. The little bit of nonsense they make up becomes even more nonsense as the years, as so-called "wise" people start to contribute more to this dead carpenter than he ever meant to tell- and most of it shear nonsense and way beyond his simple message of love. This nonsense gets written down in a hodge-podge of ancient aramaic, latin and greek which further gets mis-translated to garbage so far beyond what that carpenter wanted to say that it's totally unbelievable. And so stands the Christain Church and all its sects today- believing absolute GARBAGE so far from the message of that carpenter that anyone with any common sense and logic in their brain couldn't believe unless they were made SO scared by the threat of not living in paradise for eternity that they would go nuts for not believing. This world would be a far better place if people would pay attention to ONLY that original message of DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOU and GOD IS PURE LOVE AND WE SHOULD EMULATE HIM.